Drowning in Emails, Tasks and Unproductive Time?

Let us show you how you can get out from under your inbox so you have time to accomplish your work (both professional and personal) and enjoy your life!

5S Your Email: Get From Under Your Inbox Workshop


tracy-and-jocelynAre you a small business owner, entrepreneur, CEO or business professional who...

  • Is tired of searching for email buried  in your inbox or email folders?
  • Stressed out and frustrated with the number of emails in your inbox?
  • Find your productivity is constantly interrupted  with task and email follow-up reminders?
Then you’re in the right place.
We're Tracy Parks and Jocelyn Coverdale and we’ve been there too.

We know how frustrating it is when it feels like all you're doing every day is getting buried in emails and falling behind in your work. Having spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, and founder and owner of four successful businesses, one which reached 1.3 million dollars in sales during its first fiscal year, we fully appreciate the pressures facing business professionals.

Why Is This Important?

Even if you're not falling behind, feeling like you'll never fully catch-up can be discouraging.

When it comes to email, I've found that most business professionals experience one or more of the following:

  • Huge volume of email! Too much mail from internal/external clients that is low value and high noise
    i.e. does not really apply to your jobs, goals.
  • Inability to processing incoming items effectively – how to process in a timely manner, respond, prioritize, move email into a trusted action system or a trusted reference system
  • Backlog of emails – hundreds (or even thousands) of email messages that are sitting in the "inbox" but are months or years old.
  • Wasted time trying to find what you need, to access email quickly and efficiently.
  • Using Outlook as an email system instead of leveraging it as personal information management system.

In all of the above inefficiencies – the overwhelm and distraction is huge – the time investment keeps you away from the work that DOES matter, work that move goals and objectives forward.

In our experience, having a well designed and refined work-flow systems can help you tremendously when it comes to managing information and leveraging technology. This is where 5S Your Email comes in.

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What Is 5S Your Email

5S Your Email

5S is a 5-step process for organizing and standardizing the workplace, summarized by five words or phrases beginning with S: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

It's a methodology for creating a clean, orderly, high performance work environment; in this case the environment is your email.


How Much More Would You Accomplish If You Could:

  • Have a clutter free inbox
  • Open an inbox that only contains your current incoming messages
  • Have a simple intuitive system so you could find email you need when you need it
  • Discover a proven work flow approach for processing email so the inbox stayed clutter free
  • Prioritize and track action related messages in a single trusted system

With the proven principles of Lean Office 5S you can Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain your email process for maximum efficiency!

What great work will you do when you're no longer buried in your inbox?

Register for the 5S Your Email: Get Out From Under Your Inbox workshop and find out!

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What You'll Learn

Let Us Be Your Email Coach and Productivity Mentors

Through a combination of live web based training, step by step instructions, video tutorials, Q & A sessions & practical exercises, you'll have the opportunity to focus on taking action

In this workshop we provide solutions to the common, fixable email problems. 
Here's what you'll learn:

1. Volume Management

  • Removing all email that does not support current workflow
  • Creating rules/filters to manage high noise/low value email and filter incoming email that does not apply to current workflow – eliminate distractions
  • Tools/approaches to filter or get rid of junk
  • Concepts for reducing email volume and improving email quality

2. Processing Email Effectively

  • Effective email processing, principles, methodologies and personal application, using a workflow model
  • The art of digital deletion and information management questions
  • Creating "homes" for email, i.e., intuitive folder structures
  • Identifying and overcoming historical obstacles, identifying and implementing approaches for improvement
  • Creating a new or improved approach for managing tasks
  • Creating standardized steps and processes for email management

3. Getting Rid of the Backlog

Learn how to wade through the hundreds or thousands of email messages that are sitting in the "inbox". Yes, especially the ones that are months or years old. See how can you clear that clutter and then create a systematic approach to keep your inbox clear.

  • Removing all email that does not support current workflow
  • Sorting and purging techniques
  • Creating archives and accessing archived information
  • Creating approaches, checklists and standard operating procedures for saving/purging/archiving

4. Finding Information When You Need It

Learn how to file and find again. You'll be creating an intuitive and trustworthy folder architecture where you can find what you need when you need it. You'll also learn how to leverage the search capabilities of your email client.

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Success Stories

What Others Have Said

 open quoteThis saved me so much time. I didn't have to reinvent the wheel as Tracy and Jocelyn had already done the work. I had reasonably good email skills to begin with, but this helped move me further along in the right direction. It also provided me with new ways to help support my own clients' efforts."
Anne McCallister, Owner, CPO Inside The Box Organizing
Chapter President National Association of Professional Organizers, Oregon

open quoteMy number 1 takeaway was dealing fear a blow! It's too easy to get de-motivated by the "digital info fire hydrant" every day. Discouraged by too often getting my inbox to 0, only to have it out of control again, I needed well founded reassurance and tactics that dealing with it IS actually doable. Also, I've used a fairly developed email folder system for several years but it really needed an overhaul. Your 5S for email webinar was a clearly communicated (both visually and verbally) presentation providing a serious practical path forward. No fluffy rhetoric- it was great content all around. I also appreciated the big picture reminders again to implementing Lean Office/Kaizen strategies." Nadine Nemec, Optimized Interiors

 open quoteThe material, along with your professional delivery was outstanding and has definitely had a positive effect on our organization. I am confident that NAVIS has recaptured significant productivity hours as a result of the training. Thanks again for a job well done.” Kyle Buehner, CEO, Navis Technologies

open quoteBefore taking the '5S Your Email' Course, I had over 6,000 emails in my Inbox! By the end of the course, I had less than 100 and those were being effectively processed, rather than just living in my Inbox. My goal is to keep it under 200 emails at any given time. Thank you for a very well done course! It was easy to follow and I took away some really great ideas for getting/keeping a better handle on my email!"  Andrea Anderson, Productive Environment Institute

 open quoteIf you want to eliminate redundancies that are slowing you down; don't miss this course! 
Jeanne Hink, President, The Right Sort

open quoteTracy really knows her stuff and was able to dive deep and help us learn to manage the Tsunami known as email."  Matt Chapman, President & CEO, NWEA

 open quoteYou worked magic!  I've mastered approaches to manage and track emails, I am more productive using both my calendar and my task manager and my email inbox is nearly empty! 
Holly Remer, Healthy Beginnings Executive Director, Bend, OR

open quoteImmediately after I returned from Tracy’s workshop, I was able to begin applying what she taught. I appreciated learning simple practices that reduced my volume of e-mail and made me more productive. I’ve started educating my staff and look forward to our all being a more effective, high functioning team.”  Janet Huerta, Executive Director , Saving Grace: Imagine Life without Violence

 open quoteYour ability to simplify issues and provide easy to use systems to address organizational workflow botlenecks is unique" Robert Stout, Ball Janik, LLP


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Are you ready to 'Get Out From Under Your Inbox'?

Register for this workshop and receive all of the following:

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Extended Q&A following each session
  • PDF eWorkbook with step-by-step instructions
  • MP4 recorded video files to view lessons you may miss, or simply care to review!
  • Valuable resources to keep you headed in the right direction
  • Your productivity coaches, Tracy Parks & Jocelyn Coverdale available to field any questions you have along the way
  • At the end of the course,you'll have an uncluttered inbox and possess tools, techniques and best practices to keep it that way

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