The Objenda is??

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Last month in we took a look at some meeting stats and I challenged you to ask yourself some key questions before saying “yes” to the next meeting invite that arrives in your email inbox…..

This month, I’ll present Challenge #2. 

I encourage you to shift the culture in your organization by setting a new precedence. 

If the meeting originates with you always provide invitees an Objective and Agenda.  If you aren’t clear on both those things, frankly you have no business calling a meeting in the first place.  Mike Song author of The Hamster Revolution for Meetings coined the phrase “Objenda” (Objective and Agenda).  He defines the objective as what you hope to accomplish in the meeting, boiled into one or two sentences.     The agenda is the roadmap, i.e., the “trip” the meeting participants will take to reach the objective.

Let’s face it most journeys’ requires both a destination and a route in order to arrive on time; otherwise you get lost or veer off course. Isolating the Objective and Agenda acts like a GPS that keeps meetings focused and on track.

If you have read thus far, (thank you!), I can hear you muttering “yeah, but”.  It probably sounded something akin to this; “Yeah, that’s great, include and objective and agenda but, I’m not the one who originates the meeting, I’m just the poor schmuck who has to say yes because it’s the boss and…..(insert the remainder of your rant here).

Meeting Tip: When you are asked to attend a meeting that does not include an Objective and Agenda; ask for one. Sound scary?  It doesn’t have to be.  Reach out to the meeting originator with short, simple request such as: “I’d like to be well prepared for our meeting on xx/xx/xx; can you please share the objective and agenda?

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